Kick start your projects with Jam

A simple, lightweight gulp-based HTML & Sass responsive front-end framework to help kick start all your projects.

Your CSS foundation

Jam builds on Normalize.css and provides layout and styling for native HTML elements, plus the most common UI components. It's what you need, without the cruft.

Made with mobile in mind

Jam is responsive out of the box, so elements look great on all screen sizes. Build on top of what is there.

Stays out of your way

Jam has minimal styles and encourages you to write your application styles on top of it. It's designed to get out of your way and makes it easy to override styles.

CSS with a minimal footprint

The main goal for Jam is to be small, it is built with separate components. If you decide to only use a subset of these components, you'll save even more bytes!

Yeoman workflow

Gulp based

Live browser reloading & notifications

Sass support

Built in local server

CSS/JS/Image optimisation

Create responsive layouts

Create responsive layouts

By using the different components, it's easy to create beautiful responsive layouts for all screen sizes. It's easy for you to get started. Start your next web project with a rock-solid foundation!

Create your own look and feel

Create your own look and feel

Unlike other frameworks, Jam's design is unopinionated, minimal and flat. It's much easier to add new CSS rules than to overwrite existing rules. By adding a few lines of CSS, you can customise Jam's appearance to work with your web project!

Install and run

npm install -g generator-jam
yo jam

Need help? Head to the Getting started page